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    Addressing the diverse world wide beauty Influences who are discerning, savvy, environmentally-conscious and want “benefit Specific” products  that enhance their lifestyle,  beauty  and diversity


    Warm, cheerful and compassionate, Marvel Perilla, CEO of MARVELLÍSSIMA INTERNATIONAL, was born in Nicaragua, and educated in South America and Europe.  Marvel brings her distinctive mix of multicultural, flare and entrepreneurial savoir-faire  to the cosmetic industry having worked previously in the fields of international business and diplomacy and expresses herself fluently in Spanish, French, English and German. Marvel became interested in the social lifestyle revolution’s new ideas in personal health, environmental awareness and affection for the myriad manifestations of feminine beauty influences and live style trends worldwide.


    Marvel started out with a passion for people, places and the beautiful things.  An unquenchable curiosity and the awareness of of the trend of the emergence  of a  new niche of multiculturally diverse beauty consumer, quest for multi-hued environmentally-safe products, profiled to their specific skincare and makeup needs as well as a livestyle

    allowing them to maintain their individuality, beauty and diversity. This awareness prompted Marvel throughout her extensive ravels and research in the International Metropolis, to acquire a savior-faire and intricacies of the cosmetic industry in the field of demo-cosmetic products sourced from environmental safe Ingredients selected for their unprecedented combination of treatment  and color with anti aging properties.


    The creation and positioning of MARVELLÍSSIMA DIVERSITÉ upscale make collection towards a global diversified consumer required extensive product formulation, packaging and diversification that would satisfy the many varied problems encountered by both Caucasian and Ethnic beauty consumer of all ages.  The hypoallergenic, mineral-based makeup collection features an unprecedented combination of treatment and fashionable colors that are complimented to specific, yet diverse skin tones ranging from the palest porcelain and ivory, to the richest bronze, olive, and espressos! The makeup formulations are comprised of clinical nutrients and micro minerals, that are  hypoallergenic, natural anti-aging ingredients, non-comedogenic, talc-free, oil-free, fragrance-free, paragon-free and not tested on animals. The collection’s  powerful light-reflective properties are virtually weightless and allow all skins to breathe freely, while diminishing skin’s imperfections and dullness, and enhancing skin in high definition without appearing overly made up.


    MARVELLÍSSIMA DIVERSITÉ. products are geared towards the growing niche of diverse beauty consumers of all ages who are discerning,  environmentally-conscious, savvy, less affected by “hype” and  who want  “benefit-specific” products which meet their cosmetic needs by delivering visible results.  Sold exclusively online, the collection consists of 100 SKU  organized under the following categories- Complexion Color Palette, Eye Color Palette, Lip Color palette  and Beauty Essentials - will be launched on the international market in 2018 under the company’s tagline: MARVELLÍSSIMA DIVERSITÉ “UNVEILS THE DIVERSITY IN WOMEN’S BEAUTY”


    Elegant, sleek onyx hued packaging is embossed with Marvellíssima Diversité logo,  and the outer carton is of the the highest quality construction decorated in lapis-lazuli, copper gold and terra-cotta.  All products, components and packaging are of  USA origin